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What Kind Of Machine Tool Is Suitable For CNC Upgrading And Remanufacturing

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cnc machine tools have incomparable advantages over ordinary machine tools in terms of machining accuracy, degree of automation, production efficiency, labor intensity, etc. However, the purchase of new CNC machine tools, especially large CNC machine tools, is expensive, which often makes many users daunting. Especially developing countries like our country have limited funds. Therefore, most machinery factories want to buy but cannot afford CNC machine tools. How to obtain CNC machine tools with relatively little investment is a question worthy of discussion.

Is it possible to upgrade the original machine tool without buying a new CNC machine tool and turn it into a CNC machine tool?

The answer is yes. There are at least five major benefits of CNC transformation:

The numerical control transformation investment is small and the delivery time is short.

Compared with the purchase of a new machine tool, it can generally save 60% to 80% of the cost, and the transformation cost is low. Especially for large and special machine tools. Generally, the transformation of large-scale machine tools only costs one third of the purchase cost of new machine tools, and the delivery time is short. However, in some special cases, such as the production and installation of high-speed spindles and automatic pallet exchange devices are too labor-intensive and expensive, the cost of reconstruction is often increased by 2 to 3 times. Compared with the purchase of new machine tools, the investment can still be saved by about 50%.

After that, it is more conducive to use and maintenance.

Because users and maintenance personnel can not only directly participate in the formulation of the transformation plan, but also participate in the whole process of the transformation, can directly obtain various technical information, and have a deeper grasp of the structure and performance characteristics of the machine tool, thereby enhancing the active ability of use and maintenance.

Numerical control transformation can make full use of existing conditions. You can make full use of the existing foundation, and you don’t need to rebuild the foundation like when buying new equipment.

Issues that need to be paid attention to when CNC upgrading

What kind of machine tool is suitable for CNC upgrading and remanufacturing?

Experience has proved that vertical and horizontal lathes (especially large vertical and horizontal lathes), gantry milling upgrade CNC gantry milling, gantry planing upgrade CNC gantry milling, horizontal boring and milling machine upgrade CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, vertical and horizontal grinder upgrade CNC grinder The transformation effect is relatively ideal.

CNC upgrade and transformation must first redesign and remanufacture the mechanical part of the machine tool to make it meet the requirements of CNC. Simply adding servo motors and numerical control systems will not achieve the purpose of upgrading. For this reason, the following work should generally be done:

Replace the original trapezoidal screw with a ball screw to improve accuracy and reduce friction; grind and scrape the guide rail and paste plastic or directly use linear rolling guide; refine the spindle system to improve spindle accuracy; design an automatic cooling chip removal system to improve machine tool automation Degree; add tool change mechanism-tool magazine manipulator when necessary; design and manufacture automatic lubrication system.

In the transformation, the CNC system and the servo system should be determined and selected.

The more functions of the CNC system are not the better, and the system with more functions is generally more expensive. The domestic system and the imported system should be selected according to the needs. It should be admitted that there is still a gap between the current domestic system and the imported system, and the imported system is generally better for large-scale high-precision equipment. However, in recent years, the domestic system has made great progress, and it can be used reliably for general lathes and milling machines. Servo motor should first choose AC servo motor.

The choice of the remanufacturing CNC upgrade contracting company is also very important. It is necessary to choose a certified company. The current remanufacturing industry is still very irregular. The price of the same machine tool varies greatly from different companies, sometimes as much as 2-3 times. The existing performance of the contracting company should be investigated; the contracting company should be consulted. On site surveys, companies that do not have a fixed site and a stable technical team cannot do remanufacturing. A good remanufacturing company must have strong electromechanical design capabilities and certain processing and manufacturing capabilities.

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