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What Is The Main Object Of CNC Machining Service?

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The main object of cnc machining Service is the complex surface of the aircraft parts as a processing object.
In the metal processing in the ordinary lathe can be mounted on the parts of the rotary body can be processed in the CNC lathe. However, CNC Machining Service with high precision machining, can do straight and circular interpolation and in the metal processing process can automatically change the characteristics of its process range is much wider than the average machine.CNC Machining Service tools from the beginning to select a complex surface with the aircraft parts as a processing object, to solve the common processing methods difficult to solve the key. The biggest feature of CNC machining is the use of perforated tape (or tape) to control the machine for automatic processing. As the aircraft, rockets and engine parts have different characteristics: aircraft and rocket zero, component size, complex surface; engine zero, small size, high precision. So the aircraft, rocket manufacturing sector and the engine manufacturing sector selected cnc machine tools are different. In the manufacture of aircraft and rocket manufacturing to the use of continuous control of large CNC milling machine, and in the engine manufacturing both the use of continuous control of CNC machine tools, but also the use of point control CNC machine tools (such as CNC drilling machine, CNC boring machine, machining center, etc.) The CNC lathe rigidity, manufacturing and tooling high precision, easy and accurate access to manual compensation and automatic compensation, so, can handle the size of the higher precision parts. In addition, the CNC turning tool movement is achieved through high precision interpolation motion and servo drive, plus the rigidity of the machine and the manufacturing precision is high, so it can process the straightness of the bus, roundness, Requires high parts. For arcs and other contours, the shape of the machined shapes and the geometries required on the drawings are much closer to those of the profiled lathe.CNC lathe with constant linear cutting function, so you can use the best line speed to cut the cone and face, so that after turning the surface roughness value is small and consistent, the processing of surface roughness value of small and uniform parts.CNC lathes can not only turn any lead, straight and conical thread of the lead, but also smooth the transition between the variable lead and the variable lead. CNC lathe turning thread when the spindle does not have to change as an ordinary lathe, it can knife and knife to cycle, until the completion, so the efficiency of CNC lathe thread is high.
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