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Smart Manufacturing On The Tuyere: Companies Still Need To Be Rational

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Entrepreneurs are desperately chasing the outlet today. For example, the “sharing economy” that exploded some time ago. A group of entrepreneurs swarmed up, and all kinds of shared companies such as “shared bicycles”, “shared cars”, “shared machine tools”, and “shared chargers” emerged for a while. As a result, very few survived after a round of reshuffle. Therefore, although the pigs on the tuyere can fly, when the limelight passes, the pigs all fall to death.

For now, what is the outlet-“intelligent manufacturing”.

Intelligent manufacturing originates from the research of artificial intelligence and refers to “a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and humans.” It can perform intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception, and decision-making. Not only manpower and material resources are effectively saved, but the processing efficiency, precision, and product effects of the machine will also be greatly improved.

In the past year, this concept has been extremely hot, with government support, policy support, and social assistance. Whenever it is stained with “intelligent manufacturing”, the company’s stock price will rise several times. Therefore, out of the impulse for profit, a large number of entrepreneurs and traditional manufacturing companies have transformed into “intelligent manufacturing”. For example, in coastal areas of China, a large number of industrial robots and automation companies have emerged overnight.

According to statistics, the output of China’s industrial robots was 72,000 units in 2016. As a result, one year later, this number has almost doubled. In 2017, the output of industrial robots reached 136,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 81%. The popularity of “intelligent manufacturing” can be seen. Spotlight. However, under the enthusiasm of this surface, problems continue to surface.

The controller, servo motor, and reducer are regarded as the three core components of the robot, accounting for 70% of the cost of the robot.

However, China does not currently master the core technology of these three parts, and still relies on imports. The supply capacity of multi-joint robots with more than six axes is relatively low. The lack of core technology has led to low-end products in high-end industries.

In addition to the lack of technology, because a large number of companies blindly chase the outlets to enter the robotics field, problems such as an excessive number of industrial robot companies and overcapacity of low-end products have emerged. Statistics show that there are more than 40 robot industrial parks built and under construction in the country. In just a few years, the number of robot companies has exceeded 800. With so many companies, a piece of cake is obviously not enough. Xin Guobin, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology once said: “In the field of robotics, we do feel that there is a risk of low-end high-end industries and overcapacity of low-end products.”

Enterprise blindly chasing the outlet will not only hurt the development of the company itself, but also disrupt the overall development of the industry

In fact, for companies, the outlet is like a shortcut, but the shortcut may also contain danger, and blindly charging may go astray. In particular, as a new concept of manufacturing automation, intelligent manufacturing will “increasingly become a major trend and core content of the future manufacturing industry.” Cautious treatment is the attitude that enterprises should have. Combined with the current development status and development trend of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, the author summarizes some personal opinions.

  • First, rational planning and long-term development. On the one hand, the lack of reasonable planning will make companies that do not see benefits in the short term lose their confidence, and their long-term development will also fall into a deadlock, making it difficult to choose how to move forward. On the other hand, it also wastes a lot of social resources, such as national policy preferences and special projects. Funds etc. Therefore, the road of intelligent manufacturing of enterprises requires long-term “intelligent manufacturing” planning, a good corporate layout, and a clear development pace of the enterprise.
  • Second, cultivate specialized talents. China’s universities, including ordinary colleges and universities and vocational colleges, have not yet established smart manufacturing majors and related courses, which also means that smart manufacturing professionals are in a state of scarcity. Most of the talents engaged in intelligent manufacturing come from mechanical design, material forming, industrial engineering, management science, software engineering, mathematics, computer, logistics, etc. who only know a certain aspect of intelligent manufacturing. This also puts forward a test for enterprises to train specialized talents. In the cultivation of talents, companies must emphasize the integration of people, equipment and factories. Staff members need to have a deep understanding of equipment, factories and the entire intelligent system in order to maximize production efficiency.
  • Third, apply both soft and hard. Some domestic manufacturing companies emphasize the use of smart hardware in “intelligent manufacturing”, such as the introduction of a large number of foreign industrial robots and the creation of an automated production line, but they have relatively neglected the pursuit of software. “Intelligent manufacturing” is an assembly of hardware and software. The software can collect information about the environment and itself, and make corresponding judgments and planning behaviors to propose an optimal solution for production. Focusing only on hardware and neglecting software will only mean that “the ecology is not ecological, and the intelligence is not smart enough”, and it will not be able to reach the true meaning of “intelligent manufacturing”.
  • Fourth, lay a solid foundation. Without a foundation, an ideal is a “castle in the sky”. The KPIs that the leaders have in mind will only change quantitatively, but they will never change qualitatively. When designers, craftsmen, and production personnel are struggling to cope with product development projects every day, standardization, platform-based construction, lean workshop concepts, modularization, process-oriented, and regularization will become empty talk. Therefore, the “foundation” of an enterprise is very important. It is the key to consolidate the foundation, start with technology and basic equipment, improve its own technical strength, and lay a good technical foundation.

Facing the current development trend of intelligent manufacturing, what companies need more is to remain rational, and realize true intelligent manufacturing is not just a matter of one day or two. .

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Link to this article:Smart Manufacturing On The Tuyere: Companies Still Need To Be Rational

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