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Quotation of metal stamping parts from Spain

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Here are the quotes of sheet metal stamping part from Spain clients. They need stainless spring steel part, cooper deep stamping parts. What stamping part do you need?

1. Dear sir, madam, please send me a quotation for the part as seen in the upper left corner of enclosed drawing. For now I request you to base your quotation on: 100 – 500 – 1000 – 1500+ psc. The material is: stainless spring steel, thickness 0.8 mm. Please inform me separately about the tooling costs. Kind regards

2. We are manufacturers of electrical equipments in Spain, interested in cooper deep stamping parts. Please made contact by e-mail in order to send you more information. Best regards

3. Hi, I hope you will be fine and doing great. I have some items to stamp. These are small parts but precision. I am looking for large lots for long term. Please see the attached file of the products. Please provide me the basic information to start production. I hope to hear you soon.Thank you

Quotation of metal stamping parts from Spain

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