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PEEK Application In Petrochemical Industry

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PEEK application in petrochemical industry

In the petroleum exploration and extraction industry, Peek can be used to manufacture special parts involved in mining machinery and water-resistant metal PEEK powder coating products.It is widely used in chemical anti-corrosion.

PEEK application in petrochemical industry – PTJ cnc machining Shop

(1) Continuous carbon fiber CF / PEEK composite pipe:
◆ 67% longer service life than steel pipe ◆ 65% lighter than metal pipe
◆ It is more resistant to corrosion by hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide than steel pipes
◆ Long-term use in methanol and 160 ℃
◆ Smooth and corrosion-resistant guarantee excellent fluidity
◆ Replace corrosion-resistant alloys often used in the oil field and energy industry to replace pipeline systems.
(2) PEEK applied to sealing: reliable sealing solution
◆ In seawater, hydrocarbon, and 100% hydrogen sulfide gas environment, the strength retention rate reaches 100% after 1000 hours of high temperature at 175 ℃
◆ Double the compression resistance than PTFE
◆ 300 times higher creep resistance than PTFE
◆ 18 times higher compression resistance than PTFE
◆ Replaces metal springs, reduces the risk caused by seal wear and contact with the well wall (energy-absorbing spring)
In some industries, including the oil and gas industry, the main use of PEEK machining is to provide mechanical support for softer sealing materials, such as elastomers and fluoropolymers, while in other industries, the properties of this material make it Ideal as a main seal.
(3) Application of PEEK in ESP electric submersible pump
◆ Excellent high temperature resistance, excellent insulation even at 250 ℃
◆ High mechanical strength even at 250 ℃
◆ Long term at 200 ℃ high temperature and 140MPa high pressure, it still maintains high reliability
◆ Excellent high temperature resistance and excellent insulation, even at 250 ℃, it still maintains high mechanical strength.
(4) Application of PEEK logging instrument: excellent abrasion resistance and insulation
◆ Long term at 200 ℃ high temperature and 140MPa high pressure, it still maintains high reliability
◆ The insulator can be used for a long time without being corroded in the high temperature and strong acid medium (H2S, SO2) in the well.
◆ It has a unique comprehensive performance, which has abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and stable electrical performance over its entire operating temperature range. This helps to maintain the integrity of the collected data, while bringing Less interference.
(5) PEEK wire and cable application: excellent high insulation performance
◆ Lower water absorption and better toughness than polyimide (PI)
◆ Excellent resistance to cutting and corrosion to ensure zero electrical short circuit
◆ Stable chemical corrosion resistance at 200 ℃ and 100MHz environment ◆ Permeability resistance
◆ No need to dip insulation paint like PI winding wire, reduce cost
(6) PEEK connector application: improve the overall performance of downhole connectors
◆ Longer life than glass-ceramic connectors
◆ Two times higher power transmission capacity than glass-ceramic connectors
◆ Excellent insulation performance to ensure no leakage
◆ Excellent resistance under corrosive liquid and gas environment
◆ With high purity and strength, PEEK polymer can allow thinner thin-walled sections to be designed in more compact connectors, which can have excellent performance even in small spaces.
◆ Can withstand the typical oil and gas industry fluids, including seawater, mineral oil and silicone oil, as well as hydraulic fluids, but also suitable for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) acid gas wells. The performance of PEEK is much higher than the NORSOK M-710 standard, which is an important specification for the oil and gas industry.
(7) The ESP electric submersible pump uses four parts: PEEK insulation ring, insulated wire, thrust wear-resistant block and front and rear plug.
(8) PEEK valve seat, thrust washer and valve stem wear-resistant sleeve are used on the valve
(9) Used on chemical pumps: magnetic pump isolation sleeves, shafts and lock nuts, blades of vane pumps.
(10) For compressors: piston rings, support rings, valve discs, bacterial valve caps and support pads.

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