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How To Choose CNC Machining Methods ?

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cnc machining of mechanical parts, due to various structural shapes, is composed of flat surfaces, outer cylindrical surfaces, inner cylindrical surfaces or curved surfaces, and forming surfaces. Each surface has a variety of processing methods. When selecting a CNC processing method, the corresponding processing method and processing plan should be selected according to the processing accuracy of the part, surface roughness, material, structural shape, size, and production type.
1. Selection of surface processing methods for CNC machined parts
The main machining methods for the outer surface are turning and grinding. When the surface roughness is required to be small, finishing is also required. The closest processing solution can be selected according to the processing surface requirements, the structural characteristics of the part, and the production type, blank type and material properties, dimensions, geometric accuracy and surface roughness requirements, combined with the on-site equipment and other conditions.
2. Selection of CNC machining plane machining methods
The main processing methods of planes include milling, planing, turning, grinding and broaching. The planes with high accuracy require frequent grinding or scraping.
3.Choice of machining method for CNC machining inner hole surface
Internal hole surface processing methods include drilling, reaming, boring, drawing, grinding and finishing. Commonly used hole processing schemes should be reasonably selected according to the processing requirements, size, specific production conditions, batch size, and whether there are prefabricated holes on the blank.
4, the choice of plane contour processing methods
The plane contour is mostly composed of straight lines and arcs or various curves. Usually, a three-axis CNC milling machine is used for two-axis and half-coordinate processing.
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