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Guangdong’s robotics industry is becoming a global leader, international experts discuss the future trend

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“Nano-level robots thinner than a human hair will perform surgery for humans!” On the 28th, the 2016 Science Robotics International Alliance Conference, co-sponsored by Foshan City and the authoritative American magazine “Science”, opened in Foshan. Internationally renowned robotics experts, German Austrian Sergej Fatikow, a tenured professor at Den Bosch University, said at the meeting that Foshan has two institutions researching nano-scale robots, and South China University of Technology has established a laboratory. In the future, Guangdong is expected to achieve a global leader in nano-scale robot technology.

With the holding of the Robot International Alliance Conference, the advanced equipment manufacturing industry on the west bank of the Pearl River once again blew the “Assembly Number”. On the 29th, the 2nd Pearl River West Coast Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Investment and Trade Fair officially opened in Foshan. More than 2,100 domestic and foreign guests and businessmen will attend the event.

The rise of the robotics industry International experts talk about the future trend “The robots in the factory of the future should introduce artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of their actions.” Masayoshi Tomizuka, associate dean of the School of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, described a scene that is only available in this science fiction movie.

At the conference, 22 internationally renowned robotics experts from Germany, the United States, Japan, China and other countries and regions discussed the future of global robotics.

The speeches of experts are often inseparable from the word “Guangdong”. Professor Dinesh Manocha of the University of North Carolina in the United States praised that Guangdong’s manufacturing industry has a sound industrial system and strong production capacity. Guangdong is promoting the transformation of the manufacturing industry. This will provide a broad market for robots and intelligent manufacturing applications.

Zhang Jianwei, an academician of the Hamburg Academy of Sciences in Germany, said bluntly that robot “intelligent cognition” technology is a problem of the century, and China and Germany are currently cooperating in research. As a benchmark for Sino-German cooperation, Foshan can explore this aspect in depth.

As a major manufacturing town in China, Guangdong is taking innovation-driven as the lead, promoting the application of robots, speeding up breakthroughs in key core technologies of robots, and creating a complete industrial robot manufacturing industry chain. The Provincial Economic and Information Commission revealed that by the end of 2017, our province will promote a total of 1,950 industrial enterprises above designated size to carry out pilot applications of robots, with a total of 50,000 new robots, and 50 robots for 10,000 employees in the manufacturing industry, achieving domestic leadership.

Welcome to the industry’s new vent. Robotics mobilization staged on the west bank of the Pearl River Midea Group’s tender offer to acquire the German robot giant KUKA has attracted global attention, and the organization of the Robot International Alliance Conference once again brought the world’s attention to the west bank of the Pearl River. The “Assembly Fair” will also stage a good show of “general mobilization” of robots on the west bank of the Pearl River for visiting international experts and industry figures: the “Industry 4.0 unmanned production line” will be directly moved into the venue, and a micro rice cooker will be produced in 30 seconds. All links are completed by robots; intelligent cervical rehabilitation robots provide patients with precise medical services and refresh people’s understanding of traditional physiotherapy… This grand event also sounded the rallying call of the trillion-level equipment manufacturing industry belt on the west bank of the Pearl River. The lineup of exhibitors for this “Assembly Fair” has been expanded from the first “six cities and one district” to “seven cities and one district”, that is, outside of Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, Zhaoqing and Shunde, Shaoguan will participate for the first time .

The west bank of the Pearl River is becoming a new outlet and a new height for the robotics industry. By 2017, our province plans to have an output value of 60 billion yuan in robots and related supporting industries, and there will be about 20 robot manufacturing and integration enterprises exceeding 100 million yuan, and two domestic advanced robot manufacturing industrial bases will be built. Liu Yunhui, dean of the Robotics Research Institute of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said that Guangdong will further increase its support for domestic robots and make breakthroughs in key robotics technologies. In the future, it is expected to compete with the world’s leading robots.

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