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Wire rope safety operation specification

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1. When selecting wire rope rigging, it is necessary to refer to the size, weight, shape of the object to be lifted and the lifting method to be used, and give the requirements of the limit working force, and consider the working environment at the same time;

2.  If more than one wire rope sling is used to lift the load at the same time, the same type of wire rope sling must be selected;

3. The raw materials of the flat sling shall not be affected by the environment or load, and the end section of the sling must be matched with the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment;

4. It is strictly prohibited to use wire rope and rigging under overload. Unmarked steel wire ropes shall not be used without confirmation;

5. Wire ropes and riggings shall be inspected regularly as required. It is not allowed to correct the twisted wire rope by hammering;

6.  It is forbidden to throw the wire rope sling, and do not pull or roll the weight under the weight.

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