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Why do we need 3D printing nine advantages to tell you

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Since the advent of light-curing laser molding technology, SLA prototypes and other equipment, the technology and equipment related to additive manufacturing (in recent years, to help the public understand, the US media has begun to call additive manufacturing technology as 3D printing technology.) Is constantly emerging. Why do we need 3D printing? In addition to those eye-catching 3D printing products, what can we get from 3D printing? What are the advantages of 3D printing?

The advantages of 3D printing are as follows:

Advantage 1: 3D printing is everywhere

3D printing can print many materials, arbitrary complex shapes, and arbitrary batches. It can be applied to various industries and life fields, and can be manufactured in workshops, offices and homes. In theory, 3D printing is ubiquitous and omnipotent. However, the printing of many materials, the maturity of the process, the cost of printing, the efficiency, etc. are still not satisfactory. Innovative research on multi-discipline is needed to make it better, faster, and cheaper.

Advantage 2: Rapid product development

3D printing can make parts with complex shapes, and what you think is what you get. Directly driven by design data, no production preparations such as tooling, fixture and mold manufacturing necessary for traditional manufacturing are required, and programming is simple. It is especially convenient in product innovation design and design verification. Reduce product development cycle and cost to at least half, and become a weapon for rapid development of electromechanical products and equipment.

Advantage 3: Material-saving manufacturing

Additive manufacturing only accumulates materials where needed, and the material utilization rate is close to 100%. Large and complex structural parts such as aerospace are processed by traditional cutting, often 95%-97% of expensive materials are removed. The use of additive manufacturing in the manufacturing of aerospace equipment R&D machines will greatly save material and manufacturing costs, which has extremely important value.

Advantage 4: Personalized manufacturing

can realize single-piece manufacturing quickly and at low cost, making the cost of single-piece manufacturing close to batch manufacturing. Especially suitable for personalized medicine and high-end medical equipment. Such as artificial bones, surgical models, orthopedic navigation templates, etc.

Advantage 5: Remanufacturing

is used to repair the remanufacturing of worn parts, such as aircraft engine blades, steel rolling mill rolls, etc., to obtain super value at a very small price. It has special advantages when applied to the on-site manufacturing of ordnance, ocean-going ships, offshore drilling platforms, and even space stations.

Advantage 6: Provide innovation space

can manufacture structures that cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing technology, providing a very large space for design innovation. It is possible to integrate products assembled with dozens, hundreds or even more parts at one time, which greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and saves manufacturing and assembly costs. The redesign of products and equipment from the perspective of the new 3D printing process may be the biggest benefit that 3D printing brings to the manufacturing industry.

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