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What should I do when the CNC machine is easy to break?

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When the cnc machine is machined, when the milling cutter is just processed, the amount of the knife is relatively large, which is easy to cause the broken knife and the knives. At this time, the lower knife position can be roughed or the milling cutter can be lifted off, or it can be placed under the material. Knives, in short, should fully consider this issue. Grab a knife, a knives, and a knife. When the machining volume is relatively large, the tool holder is too long, and this often happens when the knife is too small. Cnc processing volume is relatively large, especially when there are many feeds, it is easy to occur. For example, the side depth of light is H=50mm and the diameter is 3/4 knives. We can divide it by 25mm and it is not easy to happen. The cnc machining tool is too long. The length of the tool is very important for machining. It should be as short as possible. It is easy for beginners to ignore this problem. The length of the tool must be marked on the program paper. It is easy to grab the knife when cornering. The solution is to first clear the corner with a small knife and then change the side of the large knife. Like the semicircular groove with diameter 8 as shown in Fig. 8, if it is directly processed with R4, the position of the lower knife is easy to grab the knife. The solution is to (1) use R3 to scan the cutting path (2) first open with R3, and finally Knife clear angle knife with R4
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