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What is the working principle of CNC machining ?

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Every processing technology has its own working principle. I want to know how the working principle of a processing technology is. We only know that cnc machining is one of them. What is the working principle of CNC machining ?
The CNC machining center's control system can generally control the machine to end the spindle automatic start and stop, reversing and shifting according to the digital program command. It can automatically control the feed speed, direction and machining path, process, select the tool and adjust according to the tool scale. The amount of knives and the trajectory of the trajectory can end the various auxiliary movements required for processing.
The CNC machined cnc machine is also composed of the spindle box, the tool holder, the feed transmission system, the bed, the hydraulic system, the cooling system, the lubrication system, etc., but the feed system of the CNC lathe and the feed system of the horizontal lathe. There are fundamental differences in the structure, the mechanical structure of a typical CNC lathe. The movement of the horizontal lathe spindle is transmitted to the tool holder through the hanging wheel frame, the feed box and the slide box, and the longitudinal and lateral feed movement is ended. The CNC lathe is a servo motor that is passed through the ball screw to the slide and the tool holder to end the z-direction (longitudinal) and the facing (lateral) feed motion.Fine CNC machining also has the function of various threads. The movement between the spindle rotation and the movement of the tool holder is controlled by the numerical control system.
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