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what fault it often happen for CNC machining centers

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I believe we all know that the machining center is a high-precision, high-efficiency automatic machine tools, then we often occur when machining machinery failure? Here by the high-speed CNC engraving and milling machine manufacturers to tell you the technical staff:

One. No alarm shows the fault
Such failures occur, the machine tools and systems are no alarm display, the analysis of the diagnosis is usually more difficult, need careful and careful analysis and judgment to be confirmed. Especially for some earlier CNC systems, there is more fault condition with no alarm display due to the system's low diagnostic function or no PLC alarm message text. For no alarm display failure, usually specific analysis of the specific circumstances, according to changes before and after the failure to analyze and determine.

Two. A fault alarm display
cnc machine fault display can be divided into indicator and display shows two cases:
1, the indicator shows the alarm
Indicator display Alarms refer to the alarms displayed by the status indicators (usually composed of LED tubes or small indicator lamps) on each unit of the control system, which can be roughly analyzed according to the status indicator of the CNC even in the event of a display failure Determine the location and nature of the fault. Therefore, you should carefully check the status of these status indicators during maintenance and troubleshooting.

2, the display shows the alarm
Display Alarm The alarm is an alarm that shows the alarm number and alarm information via the CNC display. As the CNC system generally has a strong self-diagnostic function, if the system diagnostic software and display circuit is working properly, once the system fails, you can display the alarm and alarm text on the form of fault information. CNC system can display the alarm as few as dozens, as many as thousands, it is an important diagnostic information.
In the display alarm, but also can be divided into NC alarm and PLC reported two categories. The former is a fault display set by the CNC manufacturer, which can be contrasted with the system maintenance manual to determine the possible cause of the fault. The latter is set by the CNC machine manufacturer PLC alarm message text, belonging to the machine side of the fault display. It can be controlled machine tool manufacturers to provide the relevant manual in the maintenance manual to determine the cause of the malfunction.
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