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What are the factors to consider when choosing a CNC system?

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If there is a factor in the selection process that is not accurate, then it will directly affect the final product effect, so each one must be carefully selected at the time of selection, and the functional applicability of the CNC system is selected for the numerical control. The design and selection of machine tools is undoubtedly an important limiting factor. The first thing to consider is its drive capability. The servo power range and the matching motor range are different in different CNC supplier solutions.
    Mechanical parts processing    The first step should be to initially screen from the matching motor type and power range. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the torque machine, the linear motor and the electric spindle belong to the synchronous electric spindle or the asynchronous electric spindle, the rated current demand and the overload current demand of the above-mentioned motor, and the rotational speed requirement of the electric spindle.     The five-axis machine tool needs to know whether the five-axis linkage or only the five-sided machining is required, and the corresponding selection of the numerical control system function is also different. For example, for five-sided box processing, RTCP is usually not needed, and the choice is relatively large. At the same time, for the five-axis function may involve the CNC system supplier in the export license, after-sales service, etc. must also seriously consider. Mechanical parts processing     cnc machine tools introduced by mechanical processing plants, especially large and heavy-duty CNC machines, have full-closed and dual-drive requirements. In the full-closed control scheme, the distance between the encoder grating and the normal incremental grating is selected, and the numerical control system also supports the corresponding feedback signal access.      The networked support of CNC system becomes a necessary condition for the integration of production system. For CNC machine tools to be incorporated into the production system with high degree of automation, it must be clear that the CNC system has corresponding access solutions, including low-level direct access by PLC input and output points. To the CNC system built-in OPC server, according to the OPC standard to open the internal data of the CNC system to the user; in addition to the production system, automated online workpiece detection and tool detection is also a must-support function
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