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What are the characteristics or advantages of low pressure casting?

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Low-pressure casting can be sand type, metal type, graphite type, etc. The filling process is different from gravity casting such as metal casting and sand casting, and is different from high-pressure high-speed filling pressure casting, which has the following advantages:
1) The filling of pure metal liquid improves the purity of the casting. Since the slag generally floats on the surface of the molten metal, the low-pressure casting is filled by the liquid metal in the lower part of the crucible through the riser tube, completely avoiding the possibility that the slag enters the mold cavity.
2) The filling of the molten metal is stable, reducing or avoiding the phenomenon of tumbling, impacting and splashing of the molten metal during filling, thereby reducing the formation of oxidized slag.
3) The casting has good moldability, and the molten metal is filled under pressure, which can improve the fluidity of the molten metal, and is favorable for forming a casting with a clear outline and a smooth surface, which is more advantageous for the formation of large thin-walled castings.
4) The casting is crystallized and solidified under pressure, and can be fully filled and the structure of the casting is dense.
5) The yield of molten metal is improved. Generally, no riser is required, and the uncondensed metal in the riser can be returned to the crucible, and the use is repeated, so that the yield of the molten metal is greatly improved, and the yield is high. Generally up to 90%,
6) Convenient production and operation, good working conditions, high production efficiency, easy mechanization and automation,
Low-pressure casting also has some shortcomings, and equipment and mold investment is relatively large; in the production of aluminum alloy castings, strontium and liters are in contact with molten metal for a long time, which is easily eroded and scrapped, and also deteriorates the performance of molten metal.
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