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UPVC pipe fitting mould manufacturer

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Chinese leading UPVC pipe fitting mould manufacturer –Sino mould will guide you to order good UPVC fitting moulds.

I think UPVC pipe fitting manufacturers are very familiar with UPVC particular features:
1. UPVC material is high corrosive
2. UPVC material is very sensitive to temperature

Then what kind of steel is suitable for UPVC pipe fitting mould?
Only stainless steel like:H13, DIN1.2316 and S420 is suitable.
If you got a pipe fitting mould quotation P20 or 718H steel, apparently, this is not professional! Cheap price, but bad quality! Because P20 and 718H steel are not stainless steel, moulds easily go rusty..Therefore, UPVC pipe fitting mould can only use stainless steel and also deep hardened to around HRC50.

By the way, there is another important point of UPVC pipe fitting mould: you can not use hot runner for UPVC pipe fitting mould, during the heating process, there is HCI generate , acids will eat into the metal.

Hope the two basic information is helpful to you, If you need UPVC pipe fitting mould or need technical support from us, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]  

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