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Thinwall 1L bucket mould manufacturer

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Sino mould is expert in manufacturing thin wall container and bucket moulds, both with IML or without IML.

For this shape 1L IML bucket, the thickness is at 0.6mm for side and 0.65mm for bottom side. We developed this mould with 2 cavities use S136 steel after heat treatment, the hardness reach to HRC 45-52. The mould is with Anole hot runner system, 2 point tips for injection. in order to make sure very fast cycle time, we design the mould structure with only air for fast demoulding, no stripper plate and other demoulding way. And also for mould top core, bottom cavity, top cavity edge use CuBe. We run this mould with fast cycle time at 6.5S for 2 cavities mould with automatically operation.
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