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Things to consider when processing 3D printed parts

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The process of combining 3D printing and cnc machining requires two hands-on expertise and some steps can be taken to ensure smooth manufacturing.
In order to get the best results when machining 3D printed parts at CNC, it is important to specify exactly what you need to do. This should include specifying which areas require strict tolerances and allowing the mechanic to work properly. When these tolerances are specified, the mechanic may suggest some design adjustments to the 3D printed parts to make the job easier.
2, look at
These recommendations may include instructions for using excess material. Since CNC machining will effectively reduce the quality of the part by cutting out some parts, additional material may need to be printed to make these adjustments. If the number of layers is insufficient, the machining process may not produce the correct size.
3, positioning
The areas of the 3D printed components that need to be machined should be properly positioned so that the tool can reach them.
Hummingbirds found that 3D printing is an important complement to traditional processing methods. Its main function is not to replace but to supplement, therefore, 3D printing and CNC integration is a very good form.
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