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The role of magnesium alloy die-casting mold temperature controller

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  1. Due to the heating and cooling effect of the die-casting mold temperature controller, the amount of release agent used can be reduced, and the chilling of the mold can be reduced, thereby reducing the generation of thermal stress.
  2. Preheat the mold to reduce the temperature gradient between the mold surface layer and the internal temperature at the start of production, and prevent the mold from cracking and failing due to abnormal temperature.
  3. During the production process, the mold temperature is kept constant (heating, cooling), which can keep the size and density of the die-casting parts stable, and ensure the stability of product quality.
  4. The die-casting oil temperature machine preheats the mold and maintains the temperature of the mold at the beginning of production and the production gap, reducing the time of hot mold, saving energy consumption, accelerating the progress of production and improving efficiency.
  5. It can reduce the use of cooling water, extend the life of the mold, save the die-casting cycle, and have a certain inhibitory effect on product sticking, aluminum sticking and strain, improving the appearance of the product and reducing the occurrence of defective products.
  6. Delay the generation of cracks on the mold surface, thereby prolonging the service life of the mold.

die casting mold temperature controller saves more cost for customers. If there is no precise temperature control equipment, the alloy solution is directly used for preheating. In order to reach the mold temperature required by the process, it is necessary to waste up to dozens of molds. When using a magnesium-aluminum alloy die-casting mold temperature machine to preheat, you only need to turn on the cnc machining machine in advance to automatically preheat the mold without causing waste.

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