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TaeguTec Puts On Own Show at Korean Event

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-08-21 Comments Off on TaeguTec Puts On Own Show at Korean Event

At the 13th Seoul International Machine Tool Show—SIMTOS 2008—held at the Kintex arena in Ilsan, Korea, April 8–13, crowds were drawn to the TaeguTec stand and its impressive displays. The Korean market-leading cutting-tool manufacturer showcased its most advanced products with eye-catching attractions and offered cocktails to visitors at its booth.

With more than 433 exhibiting companies participating, this year’s SIMTOS, the Korean manufacturing showpiece event, had over 76,000 visitors.

TaeguTec shared its booth with fellow IMC Group members Iscar and Ingersoll. The event provided an opportunity for the company to celebrate its 10th anniversary since changing its name from Korea Tungsten. TaeguTec held a unique and special “Mask Changing” show for visitors that featured a dramatic transformation of the TaeguTec logo.

SIMTOS 2008 was the Asian market’s first opportunity to see some of the interesting new product developments in the TaeguTec portfolio. TaeguTec demonstrated its new T-Drill and milling and turning innovations to representatives of the automotive, mould and die, and heavy equipment industries, all of which are gaining momentum in South Korea. Besides presenting a display designed not to be forgotten, TaeguTec answered product inquiries from a wide range of customers.

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