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Some common sense about hardware parts

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Hardware parts processing tools are the types of tools we often use, and there are many types among them. When choosing, you must choose according to your needs. Do you know the operating steps of hardware parts processing? What is the classification of hardware parts? There are a lot of issues that need to be paid attention to. Now let's spread the knowledge for everyone. Let's take a look at some common sense about hardware parts processing.
   1. Before entering the work position, all employees should check whether their clothing meets the work requirements. Slippers, high-heeled shoes and clothing that affect safety are not allowed. Those with long hair must wear a safety helmet. Maintain the correct posture at work and have sufficient energy to cope with the work. If you find that you are unwell, you must leave the job immediately and report it to the leader. During operation, you must concentrate your thoughts, chat and cooperate with each other. The operator must not operate in a state of irritability and fatigue, so as to avoid accidents and ensure safe operation.
  2. Check whether the moving part is filled with lubricating oil before the machine works, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine idling for 1-3 minutes. Operation is strictly prohibited when the machine is faulty.
  3. When changing the mold, first turn off the power, and after the press movement department stops running, the mold can be installed and debugged. After installation and adjustment, move the flywheel by hand for two test punches to check whether the upper and lower molds are symmetrical and reasonable, whether the screws are firm, and whether the blank holder is in a reasonable position.Some common sense about hardware partsPrevious: Precautions when processing CNC partsNext: Which fields are used in precision mechanical parts processing ?

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