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Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming, giving shape to and joining metal to fix a tangible part. There are a number of tools and techniques used to complete the process of fabrication. This process has been in place from a long time; the only difference is previously simple tools were used. In this post, Lemo are professional China sheet metal fabrication manufacturing, would like to share the most significant tools, machines and techniques utilized for DIY fabrication services.

Metal Shaping:

With metal shaping or forming, you can alter metal in four different ways.
1. Bend
2. Cut
3. Shrink
4. Stretch
Following are some of the basic tools and techniques required to accomplish these tasks when do sheet metal fabrication.

Bending Metal

Form bending: It is the easiest way to bend metal. In this procedure, you will be bending the metal on an edge or shape which is placed under the metal. For example, you can push a flat piece of metal over the edge of your table so that the metal can bend. This can be accomplished with your hands. You may also make use of a hammer and shaping dolly in order to bend the metal at the desired shape. This is normal way during sheet metal fabrication.

Metal Brake: A metal brake is the basic way to create clean sheet metal .When you are using this method, you will be making use of a metal brake. The metal will be laid on a flat, gated surface; later clamping a flat bar atop the metal and elevating the gated portion to arc the metal at the required angle. Majority of metal brakes can create bends at accurately 90 degrees.

Cutting Metal

Hand Shears: With the use of hand shears, also called as aviation snips, metal can be cut manually, irrespective of the number of tools you have. Snips or hand shears are the foremost tools that must be bought on venturing into the field of metal fabrication. A number of suppliers offer a full link of hand shears and aviation snips ranging from straight, left and right snips to customized jaws.

Shrinking Metal

Tucking Metal: One of the most traditional methods of shrinking metal, tucking, involves literally binding the metal together by coercing it between a crevice with the help of a spade hammer or by folding the metal along the edges with the help of a homemade tucking fork.

Shrinker: This lever-operated tool has mobile textured jaws that clasp sheet metal from the head and the bottom and thrust it together firmly. This method ensures more precision than tucking with a hammer and form but in this method the movement of the metal occurs at slow speed. With care and precision, you can work on specific areas to shrink the parts as per your requirements. Shrinker ensures minimal marring on the metal, most of which can be eliminated through a sanding disc.
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