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Sescoi’s WorkNC Is No. 1 in Japan Again

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The Japanese daily newspaper Nikkan Kogyo, which specializes in business and industrial affairs, has found that WorkNC from Sescoi was the most widely used computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system in Japan for the second year running. This conclusion was the result of a December 2007 survey of Japanese die and mould makers, the latest in a series of annual surveys of the industry.

The number of Japanese companies using WorkNC was twice that of the nearest non-Japanese CAM system, which Sescoi says is a reflection of WorkNC’s capabilities and ease of use.

Despite tougher trading conditions for Japanese die and mould makers, 61% of the companies surveyed intended to make investments during 2008 in order to cut costs, improve quality, and shorten delivery times. They showed particular interest in 5-axis machining, which they saw as helping them with overseas expansion. Twenty-seven percent of companies in the sample planned such a move.

WorkNC is in synch with this trend. Its 5-axis routines include Auto 5, which automatically translates 3-axis movements into 5-axis tool paths, allowing companies to machine more of the part in one setting with shorter and more-rigid cutters.

The survey revealed also that Japanese die and mould makers wanted to achieve improvements in software ease of use, data modification, and employee skill levels. Sescoi launched WorkNC G3 (Version 19 of the package) at the end of 2007. This third-generation software includes a new graphical interface that ergonomically combines design, analysis, programming, and simulation.

Training and education of all its global customers is a high priority for Sescoi. The company held a series of 12 WorkNC seminars in Japan last September and October, welcoming 356 delegates from leading manufacturing companies.

Shinsuke Iimura of Sescoi Japan expressed delight at the news that Sescoi had retained its top position in the Japanese market. “The new developments in the latest version of WorkNC and our 5-axis capability fit well with the trends revealed in the survey,” he said, “enabling us to continue to offer Japanese die and mould makers the most productive CAM system in the industry.”

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