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Reasons for the blackening of aluminum alloy die castings

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Nowadays, the aluminum die-casting manufacturing industry is slowly developing. Aluminum alloy die-casting is widely used. Aluminum alloy casting is usually forged with metal materials. The metal material aluminum alloy profiles have excellent circulation and ductility. But when aluminum alloy die-casting parts are produced, they will turn black. What is the reason? You can analyze the reason for the blackening of casting parts by aluminum alloy die-casting.

1. The process technology is not scientific.

The negligence of aluminum alloy die castings after cleaning or pressure inspection sets the standard for mold growth and blackening of castings, and speeds up the conversion of mold.

2. The logistics and warehousing management is not timely.

If the aluminum alloy die-casting parts are stored in the warehouse with different aspect ratios, the mold growth will be different.

3. The internal elements of aluminum alloy profiles.

Many die-casting manufacturers do not do everything to clean up after aluminum die casting and mechanical processing processes, or simple tap water cleaning, which cannot guarantee complete cleaning and tidiness. There are residual corrosion chemicals on the surface of die-cast aluminum, such as release agent, cutting oil, saponification liquid, etc. Substances and other dirt, this dirt accelerates the rate of blackening of mould spots on aluminum alloy die castings.

4. Environmental factors of aluminum alloy profiles.

Aluminum is a bright metal material, and it is very easy to oxidize and darken or grow mold under the necessary temperature and environmental humidity standards. It is determined by the characteristics of aluminum itself.

5. It is not appropriate to use cleaning agents.

The cleaning agent used has strong corrosion, which causes the corrosion of die-cast aluminum and air oxidation.

When many die-casting factories made aluminum alloy die-casting parts, they neglected many key points to cause aluminum alloy die-casting parts to turn black. It can only create a good storage standard, and the problem of cleaning and drying and turning black in time can be handled very well.

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