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Polymer Flow Analysis

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Polymer Flow Analysis

Sigmasoft True 3D moulding Simulation
Rapra is both an agent for Sigma offers a bureau service using their Sigmasoft package.

The bureau service is designed for customers who wish to look at any aspect of flow modelling. Sigmasoft has successfully been used at Rapra on thermoplastics, elastomers, thermosetting plastics, metal injection mouldings (MIM), ceramic injection mouldings (CIM) and foodstuffs!

Sigmasoft can cope with injection moulding or casting/encapsulation processes and, unlike some competitor packages, takes into account gravity when considering these processes (very important with low-pressure manufacture).

Because of it’s True 3D nature, Sigmasoft offers extremely accurate shrinkage and warpage to the extent that “virtual tolerancing” of parts is achievable. The additional advantage of exportation of any of the results (pressure, stress, strain, fibre orientation etc) to FE means that 50% of the enquiries for Rapra’s Sigmasoft bureau work come from FEA engineers.

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