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Plastic pallet mould supplier China

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China is one of the leading company in making all kinds of plastic pallet mould in China. We make plastic pallet moulds with high quality and fast delivery time.
 Take this pallet moulds for example, the picture as below:
We make this pallet moulds with 1 cavity
runner system: 16 points ANOLE hot runner  gate
ejection system: ejecting pin and ejection block
The mould steel material we choose
DIN 1.2311
Pallet mould running: ejector pin +slider system
Pallet mould feature: complex mould structure, Fine cooling system design, ANOLE hot runner professional filter system design, suitable for high speed recycled material injection production Stroke switch controls ejection process precisely, Oil and water integrator is more convenient for application and operation, Copper guide bush, abrasion resistance and prolong the mould life.
So if you have new projects on plastic pallet mould, please contact me.

Plastic pallet mould supplier ChinaPlastic pallet mould supplier China

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