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Plastic mould|PC chair mould-Pastic Mould

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 There are many plastic chair moulds on the market, but the PC chair mould has a high requirement on the moulds. Sino is a professional chair mould supplier, specializing in offering high quality PC chair mould for customers.


Due to PC material can make transparent product, it makes the products more beautiful. Especially in the European market, they pay attention on the product figure, such kind beautiful chair is popular. However the PC has very bad fluidity, it has high requirements for the mould, the mould designer has to find a balance injection gate, to make sure the melt plastic can flue well in the mould, without any flash, air trap, melt mark and other flaws. Because the PC products always transparent, so all the marks on the products can be seen clearly, when design the mould, we need take all the bad effects into consideration. Besides, we also need make sure the chair made by the mould is strong enough.


Sino is a team with high research spirit. We make many PC plastic products for customers, including PC chair mould. If you want to make PC chair mould. Welcome to connect with us. We can provide you a turnkey solution and technical support.


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