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Plastic Injection Package Mould

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We are dedicated to plastic injection mold for over 2 decades. Plastic injection package mold is a big branch of our product. We specialize in PET preform mold, various cap mould, thin wall product mold, cup mould, IML moulding.

For package moulds, we focus on multi-cavity, short cycle time, long mold life, easy maintenance, quick delivery.

In order to realize the targets to offer customers outstanding molds, we keep researching and innovating on molding technology. We are the leading mold company in multi-cavity PET preform area, in multi-cavity water cap, flip-top, 5-gallon cap area, thin wall container area and IML area.

We are based on our strong design engineer team, precise tooling machines, and highly experienced mold makers.

Package mold has special requirement over precision. For example, PET preform mold, if the lathe machine is not precise, there may be decentration, and then the preform is prone to broke when blow bottles. Most of our tooling machines are from Europe and Japan, and we are strict with tooling process to achieve required dimension and surface finish for package moulds.


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