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Plastic Injection Molding Service

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SHG is a group company who supply plastic injection molds and plastic injection molding machine.Besides that, if you want to start a new plastic injection molding factory,we have the plastic injection molding turnkey project. Also we can offer plastic injection molding service that you can buy the finished parts from our company.
Sino Mould Co., Ltd is plastic injection molds making company China, every year we can manufacture more than 1000 sets of diverse plastic injection molds to the whole world.
Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd  is the professional plastic injection molding machine manufacturer China, supply 8 series plastic injection molding machine from China.
Sino Mould and Dakumar both are the branch companies in SHG, thus SHG can supply the whole plastic injection molding production line for the customers. Until now, we have offered PET preform molding line, PVC pipe fitting molding line, Syringe molding production line. This kind of service can help customer to build a new plastic injection molding factory, also we call it as plastic injection molding turnkey service. When the customers have other requirements on the auxiliary machines, we still can help to purchase them from our agreed suppliers.
Apart from the plastic injection molding line, we can offer plastic injection molding service, If customers don’t have the plastic injection molding factory and don’t want to start a new plastic injection molding factory, we could suggest them to make the plastic parts in our company.
All we supply is a fine solution as customer’s requirement. So, If you want to start a business in plastic injection molding industry, pls contact Sino Holding Group, we will work up a perfect solution to all your matters. If you want to know more about our company.

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