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Plastic injection molding service

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We offer different kinds of plastic injection molding service, including injection product design, mould manufacture, plastic injection molding machine and so on.

Injection product design service :
We have more than 80 design engineer to design the mould and products, including 3D product design, 2D design, 3D mould design and so on. We ever design all set of refrigerator mould, washing machine, air conditional design, automotive parts mould, pipe fitting mould , some other home appliance mould and so on. If you have samples or have a product design, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you make it a real products.
Mould manufacture service:
We own more than 20 years experience in plastic injection mould manufacture, plastic injection mould exportation. We have a sophisticated technology, fast service advantage. Our clients are all over the world. The plastic injection mould we made is included home appliance mould, automotive mould, package mould, industrial mould, medical mould and many kinds of production lines for clients all over the world.
Injection molding service:
To provide better service for clients, we now add clean plastic injection room service. It can save time and produce plastic products according to clients’ requirement.



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