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Odd cavity mould supplier in china

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We are the biggest mould company in China and we are professional in making odd cavity moulds. Such as: 3-cavity cup mould, 9-caivty cup mould,9-cavity thin-wall IML container box and 9-cavity thin-wall IML lid and so on.
Take a cup mould for example:
Cavity number: we make the cup mould with 9-cavity
Plastic material: PS
Steel material: we choose stainless quench steel S136 with HRC: 45-52
Hot runner system: Anole 9 tips full hot runner system
Sino mould make the odd cavity mould with fast cycle time, and good cooling system.
Also we take a good control on the wall-thickness of the cup mould and make sure every cavity has same wall-thickness and without the problem of the eccentric on the plastic parts.
China also offer you TURNKEY PROJECT SERVICE, from plastic factory designing, mould providing, injection machine providing, staff training until you factory running normally.
If you have any new projects on hands, pls feel free to contact me.

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