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Multi-cavity IML thin-wall moulds

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Currently, IML technology is the most advanced and the cleanest method of packaging production. Therefore, IML technology is the best technical process for decorating plastic packaging, during which prefabricated polypropylene labels are directly inserted into the tool by a robot during the injection moulding process. The result is a decorated end product manufactured in a single process which eliminates the need for additional decoration.

The result of packaging production using IML technology is outstanding quality, since the plastic label is made from the same materials as the packaging, making it its constituent part. Packaging produced with this technology ensures environmental integrity and at the same time complies with all the safety requirements of the food and non-food industries.

China makes IML thin-wall moulds with 4-cavity, 6-cavity, 9-cavity and etc.
IML ice cream box, IML cup, IML painting bucket, IML hanger mould … …
Take two of the thin-wall moulds for example:
Sino made 6 cavities box mould and 9 cavities lid mould.
For 6-cavity box mould and 9-cavity lid mould:
The capacity of the box is 420ml with IML on side wall part, and the lid will be make in mold labeling on the lid surface.
The plastic material is PP, we use stainless steel material: S136 and custom standard mould base.
China made these two moulds with sealing liquid and stacking very well.
The boxes and lids are fitting well with each other.
The cycle time for these two moulds can reach 9-12s use our standard Dakumar injection machines, if use high speed injection machines, they will be more fast.

For more information about our IML thin-wall moulds, pls feel free to contact me.

Multi-cavity  IML thin-wall moulds


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