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Mask machine KN95 welding case die processing case (1)

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Now more and more customers use Cimatron to process the welding tooth mold on the mask machine. Because the software is powerful, the programming is simple and easy to use, and the generated tool path is efficient and safe, which is favored by everyone. This article makes a brief summary of the main functions of Cimarron used in welding tooth mold processing, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.This processing case introduces the following parts:
The finished product processed by Cimatron users, the processing time is 12.5 hours, the material: DS53 mold steel.
Model preparation
(1) Introduce KN95 welding tooth mold
Import 3D model data through the following interface types.The results of the import are as follows:

Note: The Cimatron software itself has a relatively complete CAD function and is fully capable of designing a complete 3D model of the KN95 welding tooth mold. If it is an external data model, it can be imported using a special data interface or a general data interface.
(2) Model quality analysis:

Note: Through the quality analysis of the model, you can check whether the quality of the upstream design model is problematic: such as small broken faces, open edges, etc., and can be automatically repaired. It can also smooth and simplify the geometry within the tolerance range for programming be prepared.
(3) Expand the model
This is a critical one-step process. The winding process cannot be used without unfolding. The following figure shows the commands used for unfolding and the result of unfolding.

Note: The software can quickly unfold solids, curved surfaces or curves. When unfolding, choose the unfolded reference surface, which will affect the cutting edge size of the KN95 welding tooth mold.
Application of programming aids
(1) The figure below is the calculated maximum box of the parts, that is, the maximum size and the net weight of the parts: diameter 80, total length 292, weight 7 kg, preparing for blanking and quotation.

2) The following figure is the analysis of the neutral gap of the 2D expansion diagram using programming aids.

3) The following figure is to analyze the draft angle of each place using programming aids.

Note: Through the use of programming aids such as fillet analysis, draft angle analysis, and voxel analysis, it can help programmers quickly select tools and customize machining processes. Cimatron programming aids and the necessary CAD functions for programming have been embedded in the programming environment Here, Cimatron software is a highly integrated software of CAD and CAM.

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