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Machining hydraulic system and corresponding standards

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LEMO machining technology uses the corresponding processing methods to process the mechanical parts during the operation, so that the shape, size and properties can meet the corresponding standards, including roughing, finishing, assembly, inspection and packaging. Such processes, as long as everyone ensures that each process can make the finished product more standardized and reasonable, and ensure that it meets relevant standards. So what mechanical processing techniques do you need to master during the processing? 1. Remove the scale on the part, and the appearance of the machined part should not be scratched, scratched and other defects. 2. When the assembly is too heavy, it should ensure that its shape, length and temperature meet the relevant standards, while ensuring the integrity of the entire system. 3. During the assembly process, it can avoid the bump, scratch or rust of the parts, affecting the large-scale machining, so that the performance of the product is affected and damaged, so that our work can not continue normally.  Safety production requirements for LEMO machining equipment 1. Materials used in machining equipment must comply with safety and environmental protection requirements. Materials that are harmful to the human body and have not been inspected by the safety department are not allowed. 2. The overall structure of the machining equipment shall be smooth and smooth without sharp and sharp edges. 3. Mechanical processing equipment that is liable to cause injury accidents shall be completely fixed or semi-fixed. 4. Mechanical processing equipment shall use mechanical or electrical barriers, interlocks and two-handed disengagement devices. 5. Automatic or semi-automatic loading and unloading device. 6. Automatic or manual emergency stop devices should be fitted.
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