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Large diameter catalyst extruder introduced

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Orthos (Engineering) has introduced a high pressure extruder to produce large-size catalyst honeycomb units for use in selective catalytic reduction systems for diesel engines.

Orthos (Engineering) has introduced to the UK a BMS-KEMA high-pressure extruder, the VENR 500, for the manufacture of large-size catalyst honeycomb units The units are for use in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems for diesel engines.

The extruder achieves a high level of NOx reduction in diesel engine exhaust gases even at low temperatures.

The unit has an auger diameter of 500mm and extrusion pressures of up to 80 bar.

It can extrude catalyst honeycombs with diameters in excess of 12’in and cell densities in the range 300 – 400 cells/in2 using a press body based on a TiO2-V2O3-WO3 mixture.

This body is much more abrasive and corrosive than, for instance, cordierite, which is frequently used as a substrate.

Orthos can also supply BMS-KEMA extruders with an auger diameter of 350mm designed for the production of smaller honeycomb structures for use as particulate filters and catalyst units.

The company can also supply extruders with auger diameters in the range, 200mm – 750mm, for the production of ceramic insulators and other components.

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