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Large CNC machining factory fixture tips

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In the whole processing stage, in fact, every step is very important, and can not be ignored. The design and processing of the fixture are also the same. The fixture is widely used in processing and can fix all the objects that need to be processed. The use of, or inspection, can complete the processing process, large cnc machining plants are also very careful when designing, then what role does the fixture play when it is used?The first is to ensure the processing accuracy, because the tool is set in advance when working, if there is any difference, it is also a setting problem, it is necessary to ensure that the fixture is without any problems, and the workers are not any Relationship, so if you want good precision, it is necessary to use the fixture.After using such a fixture, a large CNC machining plant can greatly improve the worker's work efficiency. The workpiece does not need to be manually marked, so that even when the workpiece is replaced, the worker's work efficiency is very convenient. Obviously it has been improved, and it can be used on different machine tools, using some special fixtures, and the use of the lathe can be greatly improved.
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