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Is my part a good fit for CNC turning?

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While a lot of factors go into determining if a part can be made most cost-effectively on a specific CNC turning center, some things we look at are:How many parts are needed short-term and long-term? CNC turning centers are generally good for prototypes to short-run volumes.What is the largest OD on the part ? For the CNC turning centers at Lemo precision, the maximum OD for colleted (bar feed-capable) parts is 150mm.Parts over 150mm OD are chucked individually, which depending on volume, can contribute to price.Parts under 30 mm OD and medium to high volume may be a better fit for the Swiss screw machines.If a part can be made both on the CNC turning center and on a 32 mm Swiss Screw Machine factors such as projected volume and lead-time are critical for making the best call on which to use.When it comes to precision machining parts,  there are a lot of variables. Lemo can help you determine the best way to have your parts made. Contact us for help with your requirements.
If you have OEM parts by CNC turning, pls send us drawings, the quotation will be provided within 6 hours : Dongguan Lemo Precision Metal Products Co.,LtdAddress: No.84 Zhongli Rd,Nancheng,Dongguan,Guangdong,523000,China.Contact: Amy ChenTel: 86-769-8803 9052Mobile/ What APP: 86-13713262409Fax: 86-769-8803 8031E-mail: [email protected]Skype : amyptjIs my part a good fit for CNC turning?Previous: CNC Swiss Parts ProductionNext: What is CNC Turning?

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