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Injection machine three axis linkage

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High speed injection molding machine include high speed injection,high speed running and stable operation,which is suitable for thinwall molding.With the hybrid injection molding machine,we could increase the production efficiency one time more.

SinoPM Hybrid injection molding machine,the obvious advantage is that it compared with accumulator and Servo motor,it could reach high injection speed and precision controlling for the molding.For example,SN-300 hybrid injection molding machine,the injection speed is 350mm/s,it is suitable for thinwall injection molding.We add a material charging servo motor,Reducer and Nozzle check valve to realize three axis linkage.With this device,the material charging,mould open and ejection could do function at the same time.It could save 2-3s for each round,which is meaningful for the thinwall products molding.

We invest a high speed injection molding line,every device is very important,include high speed mould,high speed injection molding machines,well-made and suitable size additional machines.For the machine size,we know that we could not choose too small size machine,but if we use bigger size machine,the dry cycle time is longer and the power consuming is more.So choose a suitable type injection molding machine is important.We could offer you a turnkey solution for the high speed injection molding line with IML solution.Thanks.

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