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IML mould centre distance

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In mould labeling is a new technology for injection molding industry.We have to choose suitable centre distance for IML mould with multi-cavities.For IML mould centre distance,not just consider the mould structure,but also consider the label assembling.

Multi-cavity mould in mould labeling molding solution:For two cavity mould or multi-cavity mould,except considering mould strength and mould structure,we also need to consider the label location.For example,for two cavity paint bucket mould,the out side of the bucket side wall do in mould labeling,we will consider the label length,put two cavity label in one line and the labels do not interlace.So the centre distance of the two cavity mould must more than the label length.For food container mould in mould labeling,ice cream container in mould labeling,it is similar.We need to consider all the conditions together and then fix a reasonable mould centre distance and we could design the IML mould correctly.The whole line could running smoothly.

IML molding solution could supply you a turnkey project for IML molding line,such as table IML solution,container IML solution,chair back IML solution,pail IML solution and so on.Please feel free to contact me if you have any question in IML lineIML mould centre distance.IML mould centre distance choosing,IML molding solution,paint bucket in mould labeling,food container in mould labeling,multi-cavities bucket mould IML solution.Thanks.

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