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How to control mould quality

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       As we all know, mould quality is very important in injection plastic mould . Sino Mould attach most importance to mould quality. But, how to control mould quality? We summed up Four points:

1 Mould design must be reasonable , if the design of mould structure is reasonable or not is the key to mould’s cycle time and mould quality., so must pay highly attention to mould structure and tooling.
2. Control the mould material’s quality. Should choose fixed, with stable quality assurance of the material supplier. To the important mould parts material, should ask to provide product certificate, test material  element, flaw detection when necessary.
3.Control the mould quality in the process of mould tooling. First, control the quality of mould parts tooling. Second, control the quality when mould is fitting.
4.Quality control when mould leaving factory. All the mould parts should be fitted orderliness, reliable, accessories should be completed. The installation of the parts, must have the written procedures. The product must pass quality inspection, comply with the design requirements or customers requirement. All the mould action structure , should guide slippery flexible. And processing lubrication when mould leaving factory. All the mould surface should do rust-proof treatment. The workshop manager and the designers should checked the mould clearly when mould leaving factory, make sure the mould has up to standard.
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