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How to choose wire cutting and EDM machine tool processing molds

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  • 1. For low-end mold processing, or as a rough machining process, domestic fast-moving wire machine tools can be used. The price of these machine tools is low, generally between 20,000 and 100,000, with small investment and simple use. Now there is a kind of “medium wire”, which is actually an improvement of fast wire. Although it is not as slow as slow wire, the accuracy is much higher than that of fast wire. The improved accuracy of three-light fast wire is 0.02 higher than the original. The mm is increased to 0.01mm, which is helpful for the processing of workpieces that require higher precision in low-end processing.
  • 2. For high-end and high-precision mold processing, imported EDM machine tools are generally used, and different brands can be selected according to the precision of the mold.
  • 3. Considering the price of slow-moving wire machine tools, if the accuracy requirements are met, machine tools assembled or produced by imported brands in China can be selected. Now GF Charmilles Agie produces slow-moving silk in Beijing, and there is also one that is assembled in Beijing (all original equipment). The price is much cheaper, only about RMB 700,000. At the same time, Mitsubishi has factories in Dalian and Sodick in Suzhou for assembly or production. Among the machine tools, Mitsubishi’s price/performance ratio is much higher. In addition, Suzhou Sanguang’s slow-moving silk is the most cost-effective, its price is about 50% of imported, and the accuracy can reach 0.03um. At present, China needs about 2000 sets of slow-moving silk each year. In 2007, Sanguang sold more than 400 sets, accounting for 20-25% of the market share.
  • 4.The performance of the machine tool is better. Mainly two aspects of processing stability and efficiency. In addition, the stability that must be considered for energy saving has a great influence on the quality of the mold, and efficiency and energy saving mainly consider the cost. This aspect is also the pursuit of every manufacturer. Current brand machines, especially imported machine tools, have their own advantages and characteristics. Users can make choices according to their actual conditions.
  • 5.According to different products, select special-purpose electrical processing machine tools. Like Beijing Aqi, it has its strengths in edge and corner processing and has become the first choice for gear mold processing. Energy-saving Mitsubishi is a feature. In addition, there are different EDM machine tools with large specifications and large angle cutting, which have a good effect on special processing. However, the use of ordinary and general-purpose EDM machines is often much inferior. The EDM machine tool market is gradually mature and subdivided, and the products continue to be specialized and individualized. We must pay more attention to the new products proposed on the market.

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