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Hot runner mould maker China

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Hot runner mould maker China could supply you hot runner mould for different types of moulds,such as paint bucket moulds,dust bin moulds,pallet moulds,cap&preform moulds,etc.We make 1500sets of moulds annually,most of moulds are use hot runner system.

Why the hot runner moulds become more and more popular?It is because that the hot runner moulds have many distinct advantages:with a hot runner system,we could avoid raw material waste in the runner,reduce the cycle time,get better parts appearance,reduce the injection rate requirement,etc.

Hot runner mould also have disadvantages:The mould cost is higher than cold runner mould;We have to use advanced equipment for the tooling to get precision part;The mould maitenance will be a little more complex.

Hot runner system have different types:point pin hot runner,direct cone hot runner,valve gate hot runner.For different moulds,we will use different types of the hot runner system.For example,preform mould we have to use valve gate hot runner system;For a paint bucket,we have to use point gate hot runner system.

Hot runner mould maker China could supply you high quality hot runner moulds and cold runner moulds.Hot runner mould advantages,hot runner mould supplies China,valve gate preform mould,semi-hot runner mould supplier,direct cone hot runner mould.

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