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Horn gate design feature

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For plastic injection molds developing, the injection gate type is various, mostly is point gate, submarine gate, direct cone gate, horn gate and so on. The horn gate type is used for thin wall products, high requirement surface product, especially suitable for automotive parts.

Horn gate features:
Horn gate would separately from the parts during demoulding process.
Horn gate part is with a standard mould component, easily for replacement.
Suitable for plate surface products or thin wall thickness products.
According to horn gate diameter, it can be with 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.25mm, and 2.5mm
Using gate balance block, it can adjust the height
Horn gate shapes:
Generally horn gate design is like a component, when we use, we just to change one of the horn gate parameter, then we can get suitable dimension horn gate size for our mould and molding parts.
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