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Helmet molds manufacture

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Sino mould the famous mould maker China.
We are offering professional technical support and mold manufacturing service.
Helmet is one big range from Indurstry parts, we have the experience for making
multi cavity helmet molds, double color helmet mold, Sports Helmet molds……
The important issues for one perfect helmet molds:
1.For the product, Strongness is very important.
They will be tested in 4 parts: Visual field Tests, stability tests, drawstring tests,impact tests.
So it request the thickness in the top area will be very equal, and make the part very strong,
and usally the helmet material is HDPE. It can bear very strong impact.
2.Fitting with the inner parts, Usually most of the industry helmet.
There will have inner support belt, the material is LDPE. Considering the comfortable issues for human,
No flash is allowed for this belt.
3.Regarding the moulds, for good visual surface, we sugest hot runner moulds,
valve gate or point gate is good choose.
For faster cycle for the mould, our engineer designed the helmet molds
with very good colling water and insert copper-be in helmet mould core side.
Need more information, please contact Miss Sonia

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