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European User Groups Like Actify Product

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-17 Comments Off on European User Groups Like Actify Product

Actify, the market-leading supplier of digital design communication solutions with more than 500 manufacturing companies as customers and 8,000 licenses on active maintenance, has introduced a security solution for its SpinFire™ and DesignShare product lines that allows users to easily secure 3D files and other important documents, and thus protect the organization’s intellectual property (IP). This new solution was well received by customers and prospects attending recent user-group events hosted by Actify’s partners InfoTech in Germany and ProNordic in Sweden.

“We were very pleased with the turnout of companies and their interest in SpinFire Protect and DesignShare Protect,” says Tomas Konsa of ProNordic. “Most of the attendees were manufacturers in various industries ranging from medical to automotive to construction, all of whom saw the benefits in being able to securely share all files—including 3D—throughout their extended enterprise, improving time to market and reducing costs, without the worry of jeopardizing the company’s IP.”

SpinFire Protect and DesignShare Protect offer strong encryption that allows 3D files and all other information-sensitive documents to be safely accessed and distributed internally and externally to suppliers and customers. Actify’s Protect solution is designed to increase productivity by avoiding complex encryption keys and providing dynamic permissions so that users can have peace of mind when exchanging data.

“In today’s global marketplace, product innovation is achievable through the easy sharing and collaboration of all types of data,” explains Chris Jones, president of Actify. “But with this arises the importance of protecting a company’s IP.”

Jones notes that SpinFire Protect and DesignShare Protect offer benefits for both small and large enterprises.

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