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Dustpan Moulds Maker China

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Plastic dustpans are widely used now because of the low price, many dustpans seller are looking for Chinese dustpan moulds maker. Who is the best dustpan moulds maker in China? How to find a good Dustpan molds making company?

For Dustpan moulds making, Sino Mould, Chinese dustpan moulds maker, believes the top surface finishing is very important, the when the buyers go to the supermarket to purchase the dustpan, the dustpan appearance should be bright to catch buyers’ attention, thus the surface should be mirror polished. Another key point the dustpan molds suppliers should pay attention to is the finishing of the edge part for the dustpan. The edge should not be deformed after production, otherwise, the dustpan can not get the full dust which is not acceptable. SinoMould polishing working team is very strict and careful to the polishing for the edge part. Also during the dustpan production period, the cooling temperature also affects shape of the edge part.


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