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CNC machining tools are continuously optimized to improve the machining process

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The development of the new cnc machining cutters provides CNC machining tools with higher cutting capacity and easier use for CNC machining centers and milling machines. The development of design and production technology enables precision tool bodies and inserts to be used, thereby improving machine tool utilization, increasing output, and improving the reliability of the machining process.
    Standardization is critical to the manufacturing industry, because only through standardization, CNC processing technicians can communicate in the same language to understand the limits of the application. However, in some cases, standards may slow or even hinder the pace of product development. At this time, it is necessary to get rid of the bondage, break the obstacles, and introduce better solutions. One of the examples is the development of CNC machining cutters.
    Over the years, users have used CNC machining cutters and inserts from various CNC machining tool manufacturers in accordance with standard regulations. However, these standards impose various restrictions on CNC machining cutters and inserts, specifying the shape of the insert, the thickness and the inscribed circle of the cutting insert, as well as the size of the insert and wedge clamps, as well as the size of the insert. . Due to the limited design range of insert material, cutting edge and chipbreaker, the standard CNC machining tool suppliers and production are limited by machining performance.
    However, today, the concept of CNC machining cutters tends to be flexible, providing CNC machining tool developers with the freedom to adopt new CNC machining tools and blade designs. These designs can be optimized and the new CNC machining tool concept can be used to better solve them. Machining safety, accuracy, surface quality, metal removal rate, CNC machining tool overhang, high speed cutting, and the ability to different cutting paths.
    Today's milling CNC machining tools are continually optimized to meet the needs of modern production, machine tools and materials, and are widely accepted throughout the industry. About 80% of all CNC machining cutters supplied by Sandvik Coromant are CoroMillCNC machining tools, most of which were developed in the last 10 years. Compared with the old ones, the new CNC machining tool has several times the speed of metal removal, smaller cutting force and better orientation. The typical runout is only a fraction of the old standard CNC machining tool, so the machining tolerance can be Always controlled in a smaller range, the cutting edge wear is smaller and more ideal. Both the axial and radial runouts are subtle, which means that the cutting edge accuracy is improved, so the surface quality of the workpiece is better, the tolerance is smaller, the CNC machining tool has a longer life, and the distribution of the cutting load is more uniform, thereby improving the cutting. Speed, reducing noise, vibration and wear.
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