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CNC machining center failure analysis

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cnc machining will encounter some problems in daily use. In our normal use of CNC machining, not only should we pay attention to maintenance, but also need to pay attention to the operation of CNC machining in operation. Do not blindly operate, below We mainly listed some faults in the daily use of CNC machining and some simple analysis of CNC machining failures.
    CNC machining encoder pulse count error alarm problem
    This kind of problem is usually displayed on the LED display screen 6. The PMM screen shows the 303/304/305/308 alarm in the system screen. The main fault is that the serial encoder of the servo motor does not calculate the number or the pulse is lost during operation. This kind of phenomenon needs to be turned on after the shutdown, and the alarm will disappear. If there is still an alarm, the motor or feedback cable should be replaced immediately. However, if the alarm sound disappears, it is not too happy. We need to return to the CNC machining center. After the reference point, run other commands for debugging. The weak PMM308 alarm may be caused by interference, and the shutdown can be started again.
    CNC machining center serial encoder communication error alarm
    For this kind of problem, we should first check the accuracy of the encoder amplifier and the feedback line of the CNC machined CNC motor and whether there is disconnection. If the shielding of the motor feedback line is not intact, please go to the manufacturer warranty as soon as possible, usually at In the NC machining, the encoder and motor of the motor are connected together, and it is best not to disassemble it.
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