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Chinese plastic injection mould manufacture

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Sino Mould is the famous Chinese plastic injection mold manufacture, and use high-end plastic injection mould making technology China to process the plastic injection molds China.
Along with the development of the mould processing technology, Sino Mould have brought in new plastic injection molding making technology, and the high speed CNC’s application for plastic injection mold is good attempt to Sino Mould. The appearance of high speed cnc machining technology opens up a new road for Chinese plastic injection molds , and almost takes the place of the electric processing technology, and is a inevitable trend to push Chinese plastic injection molds to develop and design fast and improve plastic injection mould manufacturing quality. Compared with electrical discharge machining for plastic injection mold, high speed machining technology have some advantage
1. This kind of plastic mold processing technology can make plastic injection molds China of good quality
2. The surface of the residual stress in the plastic injection moulding products China is small
3. The thermal deformation of the Chinses plastic injection molding is small,
4. Chinese plastic inejction moulding parts’s processing precision is high
5. The surface of the plastic injection moulding part China is good
6. Can delete the follow-up finishing process with high production efficiency.
7. High-speed cutting force for the plastic injection mols is small, can process quenched steel and realize the hard cutting and dry cutting.
Thare are several kinds of high speed processing machine for the plastic injection mold in China. They are:
1.plastic injection mold-CNC Milling machine China
2.plastic injection mold-CNC Grinding machine China
3.plastic injection mold-CNC Boring machine China
4.plastic injection mold-CNC Carving machine China
5.plastic injection mold-Electrical discharge Milling machine China.
These years ,Sino Mould has bought large amount of the plastic injection mold machining equipements, all we do is to make sure that every parts of the plastic injection mould we manufacture is of high quality and precisive demension.If you want to buy a plastic injection mold in China,pls contact with SinoMould.

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