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Battery Box Mould Solution China

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Battery box have many models and specification.
For example ,Acid Lead Battery box, Dry Charged Battery box……
In China, there are many battery box suppliers,
But we are the only one who can offer the China battery box turnkey solution,
We offer auto part molding, plastic injection machines,and high quality auto part molds.
In the battery line, the battery box has standard models and specification.
NS40                Size: 196x130x165
NS60                Size: 235x130x220
NS70                Size: 268x173x225
NS100               Size: 340x173x230
NS150               Size: 506x260x233
NS200              Size: 235x130x220
Till now we have manufactured the battery box moulds for South Africa, Saudi, Turkey, Peru…….
Below is our latest battery box moulds manufactured by us.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

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