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automotive parts over-injection molding

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Over-injection molds maker China is a professional bi-injection molds and over-injection molds supplier in China.We supply daily using molds and automotive molds for world famous companies.

For the over-injection molding,there are some notices during mould design and mould tooling.First,the two raw material could be meltable,during the second injection,make sure the new plastic could stick firmly with the previous plastic part.Usually we design some holes or steps on the inner side part,and the two plastic could connect well.Second,make sure the parts could put into the mould easily and do not move,then during the over-molding,it could have better injection and appearance.

Over-injection molding technology is widely used in automotive parts molding,pipe fitting molding,daily using parts molding,etc.For some parts,it is suitable for bi-injection molding,and some parts are suitable for over-injection molding.We could consider also with the invest cost to choose the right molding ways.

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